The Kidney Doctor

Dr. Niroj Obeyesekere is one of Melbourne’s leading Nephrologists, or ‘kidney doctor’, offering specialised care for patients suffering from kidney problems to provide the best possible treatment and increase chances of recovery.

Kidney disease can often be a silent illness without any symptoms or signs. Dr Niroj Obeyesekere specialises in the early detection and management of kidney disease to effectively reduce and in many cases reverse the progression of conditions affecting the kidney. For patients with chronic kidney diseases such as chronic renal failure and similar conditions, Niroj focuses on the ongoing relationship to provide continuous and comprehensive care.

Dr Niroj Obeyesekere is also well known for his services as a General Physician. Highly qualified and experienced in all areas of Nephrology, Dr Obeyesekere offers services at 6 convenient locations across Victoria, click here to find your nearest location.