Info for Patients

Information for patients referred to Dr Obeyesekere.

1. Patients seen in hospital

If a surgeon has referred you, Dr Obeyesekere will typically visit you before your surgery or the day after the surgery. He may ask you to make an appointment at his consultation rooms post-surgery.

2. Patients seen in rooms

You must have done any tests ordered by your referring doctor at least one week before your appointment.

If you are unsure why you are seeing Dr Obeyesekere, please contact your referring doctor for clarification.

You must have a current referral for your consultation. Most GP referrals are valid for 12 months, and then a new referral is needed.

Full payment on the day of your appointment is required. At the time of booking your appointment, a full schedule of fees will be given. Medicare will pay part of the account, but there will be an additional charge to you. A current referral is required to receive a Medicare rebate. Your private health fund will not rebate any consultation fees. If you are not a Medicare cardholder, higher out-of-pocket expenses apply.

If you anticipate you will not pay for the full consultation, please ask your GP to refer you to an Outpatient Clinic at any major public hospital. There will be no cost to you to attend public outpatient clinics. Your GP will need to contact the hospital directly for any enquiries about outpatient appointments.

Please bring to your consultation:

• Referral (or confirmation that your doctor has sent one on your behalf) – we prefer if referrals are forwarded to the office before the consultation

• Please bring a list of current medications.

• Please ensure you have done any relevant blood tests at least 1 week before your appointment

• Medicare Card / DVA card

• Method of payment